Hotel Operational Management Software

Our team has been in financial management in the hospitality industry for over fifteen years. During this time, we have gained unique insights into maintaining and automating management accounting by both Russian hoteliers and international operators. Based on our diverse experience, we created Hotel Operational Management Software. It is a program that allows you to automate management accounting in a hotel efficiently.

HOMS will be useful to all industry representatives who strive to:

How does HOMS work

What are the benefits of using HOMS?

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HOMS allows you to make considerable savings.

Hotel management accounting is usually maintained in Excel. The main disadvantage of this is the cash costs for specialists transferring the data from the accounting system in Excel. With the implementation of HOMS, there will be immediate cost savings on at least one manual data transfer specialist. Consequently, the hotel will save more than ten thousand dollars a year!

HOMS saves both money and your precious time

Very often we hear from financial officers in charge of management accounting complaining that time is the issue when it comes to further data analysis! With HOMS, your time savings will be the whole two weeks of manual work with data within a month or 504 additional man-hours per year.

HOMS puts data in order

The significant advantage of using HOMS is a monthly automatic report generation. It is called Databook. This is a 16-page document on all aspects of the hotel operation. If the predefined report set does not suit your needs, a customized report generator is built into HOMS. Now you can always create your own report!

HOMS sorts out the routine

Everything that has to be counted, will be done for you by HOMS in no time! The system will calculate the dynamics of income and expenses broken down into plan-fact-deviation from last year figures, both for a specific month, and cumulatively for any period from the beginning of the year. The program’s user task is read into the analysis.

HOMS helps in data analysis

A high level of data break-down will allow to clearly identify problem points and focus on specific actions to eliminate negative deviations.

HOMS can visualize

With the aim to prepare reports to the top management and shareholders, we have built in a data visualization mechanism. HOMS Dashboard will help to visually convey the hotel’s key performance results!

HOMS boosts competitiveness

Thanks to HOMS, you close the reporting month on the 5th day of the following month. In practice, this means that you obtain the same variety of information at the same time as the international hotel chains operating in your city.
Approximate calculation of direct savings
for a 3-star hotel
  • The number of specialists involved in manual operations
  • Payroll per month
  • Number of month
$10 021
saving over
$10 021 per year!
The calculation of the annual savings in man-hours
  • The number of specialists involved in manual operations
  • The approximate number of man-hours to manually prepare the monthly report. The report is to be submitted on the 20th of each month
  • Number of months
additional man-hours
per year to in-depth analysis

Functionality HOMS

General Functions
HOMS Light
HOMS Prime
HOMS Chain

User cases

For individual hotels

  • When you need to automate management accounting
  • When you need to find time for a in-depth analysis of deviations and break-even point
  • When you are tired of reconciling tables in Excel
  • When you want to clearly and easily motivate the heads of revenue departments
  • When an international hotel chain competitor settled in your city

For hotel operators

  • When you decided that it was time to switch to USALI
  • When you need a program designed specifically for hotels
  • When you need to collect data on the operation of all hotels in the network into one unit
  • When you want to increase your Incentive Management Fee by reducing undistributed expenses in hotels under management
  • When the fiscal and calendar year do not match

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the implementation of HOMS take?

Around five to seven months. The implementation period depends on the number of programs that need to be integrated with HOMS and on the number of hotels
Two different customers will have two different versions of HOMS. This is due to the fact that each hotel has its own software configuration. We customize the program individually to the needs of a particular customer. Therefore, HOMS is installed only by our specialists
The implementation cost includes the required number of hours for end-user training
HOMS is installed on the customer’s server. The program does not exchange data externally.
Our standard approach is charging a fixed fee for the implementation of HOMS. It includes the analysis of the customer’s running IT systems, the deployment of HOMS, the creation of an early period-closing system for the month, with training in how to manage the software. You do not need to worry that the payment is time-based. Our agreed, predictable, fixed payments mean that you can accurately calculate the implementation cost of our program